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We structure projects and stock issues

We structure projects and stock issues

Project structure

Public and private stock issues

Storage lines

Project financing

Non-Financial Intermediaries

Bank referencing

Financial Consulting - FOVISSSTE and SHF case


Stock Market Issues

TFOVICB 16U: $7,000 mdp

FOVISCB 17U: $6,845 mdp

FOVISCB 17-2U: $3,154 mdp

FOVISCB 18U: $12,000 mdp


SHF Storage Line

2016: $3,000 mdp

2017: $12,000 mdp


Structuring of the issue

Coordination of the qualification process

Preparation of the Prospect and Supplement

Recruitment and coordination support for the participants in the transaction

Investor Meetings (Road-Show)


Line structuring

Support in obtaining preliminary Term Sheet with anchors

Support in the final negotiations with the SHF


Savings in issue costs

Fees reduction vs. last transactions

Development of a financial model with sensitivity scenarios

2016 issue

1st issue where the Fund has the power to give up Residual Consistency

2017 issue

Development of information on the portfolio of FOVISSSTE for investors

2018 issue

Largest and most in demand Mortgage-Backed Bond in the history of the stock market


Time saving: Line execution in 3 months

In the case of the section in UDIS for 2017, also:

Obtaining line in UDIs for a record amount

Reduction in bank funding rate against the Fund's background