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Leaders in concession operation and infrastructure development.

We generate turnkey solutions for structuring, investment,
construction, equipment and operation.


The adoption of competitive processes for the assignment of contracts that ensure transparency, responsibility and economic efficiency, as well as the sustainability of the projects in which we participate is our philosophy.

APP (PPP) Construction

(Public and Private Partnership)
We operate short- and long-term investment schemes focused on the construction, development and maintenance of bridges and roads throughout the country.

We develop health infrastructure projects that allow us to offer 400 hospital beds.

PPP contract for designing, building, equipping and providing complementary services of an ISSSTE General Hospital

Construction area: 34,876.36 m2

Term: 25 years (2 years of construction and 23 years of operation)

Capacity: 250 assigned beds

19 hospital areas

Contract for the Provision of Services with ISSSTE within the terms of the APP Act, consisting of"

Designing a new ISSSTE General Hospital in the Southern Regional Delegation of ISSSTE CDMX (Tláhuac)

Building the Hospital in compliance within the agreed time and quality

Equipping the Hospital within specifications and characteristics requested by ISSSTE, being responsible for equipment maintenance and replacement

Provision of complementary services, meeting the specifications, scope and requirements of ISSSTE. Medical care provided by ISSSTE


Avenida Heberto Castillo No. 216,
Col. Villa Centroamericana, Tláhuac,
Ciudad de México

Concession Term:
25 years (2 years of execution of Preliminary Activities and 23 years of Provision of Services).
Contract dates:
Start of Construction: April 30, 2018 Completion of Construction: December 04, 2020 Completion of Pre-operational Period: March 05, 2020 Start of Services: March 06, 2020
250 assigned beds.

APP (PPP) Contract Modifications:
On October 9, 2018, a First Agreement modifying the Contract was signed, incorporating a new fare (T6) including to a structural solution with seismic isolators.

34,924.70 m2 constructed area

Initial Investment:
$2,500 million pesos
Contract value:
$4,708 million pesos
10 years of monthly payments. 2 years for rehabilitation and 8 years of operation and maintenance

Funds are paid after the conclusion of each segment:

Monthly payment for initial rehabilitation in each segment (PUMr)

Monthly payment for compliance with Performance Standards (PUMm)

Location: States of Mexico and Hidalgo, with a total road length of 183km (both directions)
Duration of the PPP contract:
August 11, 2017 to July31, 2027
Special Purpose Company "Autovía Pirámides Tulancingo Pachuca S.A. de C.V."
with the purpose of executing the Project (constituted by Quarzo and Sacyr)
2 road sections of 183 km divided into 10 segments

Project segments:

The road section is divided into 10 segments