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About Us

We are a world-class company, with several experienced subsidiaries in different fields:

We develop and innovate food products and their distribution

We initiate and operate concessions and solutions for infrastructure development

We design and build conventional and renewable energy plants and projects

We are leaders in comprehensive health services, medical equipment and wound care supplies

We structure financial projects and stock issues

We develop real estate projects, both residential and industrial

We produce all kind of computer communication solutions


Our goal. Improving the life quality of Mexico and the world through innovative products that address the needs of society in a profitable way, allowing for large-scale implementations.

Our mission. Identifying and creating strategic alliances with the best minds in the world who apply their ingenuity and innovation to meet the needs of an expanding population and improve their health care, nutrition and access to the fundamental requirements in life.

Our vision. Building alliances with honest and competent people, generating the necessary synergies to create the best products and services for the world.


1. To address the problems of society and promote solutions that governments can use to increase the life quality of their citizens and at a better price than anywhere else.

2. To use our endeavors and products originally designed for the public sector to provide innovative and high-quality solutions for the requirements of the private sector allowing companies, charities, groups and even individuals, to purchase them with the purpose of providing a better life quality for themselves or their employees, friends or family.

3. To build a strong and feasible company that produces excellent profits for investors and owners through smart strategies, honest relationships, an ethical business conduct (in which we always treat others as we would like to be treated) and also long-term growth opportunities for our team and associates, by prioritizing quality, innovation and customer satisfaction within a diverse portfolio of highly successful businesses.

Imagination is more important than knowledge

Albert Einstein